Frequency is a purpose-built Layer 1 public blockchain designed to fulfill the promise of the Decentralized Social Networking Protocol (DSNP). Frequency delivers essential infrastructure to create the next generation of social networking apps that give individuals more control over their data and agency to participate in the evolving digital economy. It provides scalable message discovery designed to operate at global scale, flexible state storage that can be used for social graph and identity data, and includes primitives for cost-shifting and delegation of authority that allow applications to provide familiar and intuitive user experiences to their audiences while maintaining control of their personal data and online relationships. In addition to token-based transactions, it provides an alternative economic model based on Message Batching and staking tokens for recurring network capacity. These approaches are extensible to other protocols that may have similar needs in the future. The native coin for Frequency is named FRQCY.

This site provides a detailed description of Frequency, the core data structures and operational primitives it supports, and the different ways that users and applications can interact with and transact with the system.